Brooklyn Transfer Station

What Happens At Our Brooklyn Transfer Station

Atlas Roll-Off in Brooklyn has a transfer station, which many in the area utilize. But, what exactly does a transfer station do? Well, a few things happen once waste is brought down. Delivery and garbage trucks dump off garbage, which our workers sort through. This way we can quickly remove any items that are not accepted before we compact the remaining materials. Batteries and other hazardous items are the main materials we look for. Then, once all of the garbage is fully compacted, it is loaded back onto trucks, trains or barges to the final destination. Wherever that may be.

Brooklyn Transfer StationBenefits

Our Brooklyn transfer station is important in providing cost-effective solid waste transportation for cities and municipalities throughout the tri-state New York area. With our help, you can significantly reduce the transportation cost and environmental impact of moving trash from homes and businesses to the landfill. By using our Brooklyn transfer station, transfer waste is effectively from the small, local collection trucks onto larger vehicles, such as a train or barge.

These stations are also an opportunity to recover any recyclable items and take them out of the waste stream, which helps the environment. The proper use of our Brooklyn transfer station also prevents hazardous waste from winding up in a landfill. Again, another helpful aspect for the crumbling environment. By removing these hazardous items, it limits any future chemical pollution and possible soil contamination.

A waste transfer station also doubles as a drop-off center for Brooklyn residents to move bulk items or recycling to a place they can be discarded. And since garbage trucks run shorter routes with lighter loads, there are fuel savings and less road wear. All in all, many of these benefits are in terms of our environment. So we are proud to have a transfer station that is running effectively.

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Atlas Roll-Off has years in the business. Our Brooklyn transfer station is a dependable place for many in the area. It is important to properly dispose of any garbage and we accommodate that need for the New York City area.

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