Riprap Gravel Aggregate Delivery

Delivery of Riprap Gravel Aggregate Throughout Greater NYC Area

Atlas Roll-Off provides customers in the greater NYC area with an array of crushed stone delivery services, including the delivery of riprap gravel aggregate. Located on Essex Street in Brooklyn, we supply many with the best construction materials. Get exactly what you need when you turn to us! And determining the amount of stone used can be difficult. Our professional team can help you buy the right amount of riprap gravel for your project. Get a quote today.

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The number for our office is 718-345-6451. When you call, we can discuss our crushed stones available for delivery. Other types of crushed stones include utility sand, recycled concrete blend, and pea gravel.

What is Riprap Gravel?

Riprap is an aggregate that is trusted for use in the harshest conditions. Using it properly withholds channel flow, slope stability and erosion and protects property and is a great feature in public safety. Due to the large size of the riprap, the aggregate is not something that will compact, which is a feature not a bug because users want it for its sturdiness.

Riprap can also serve as structural support for sloped areas that need extra protection from both erosion and water. Protection from erosion is a crucial element in many locations and the use of riprap can prevent damage to infrastructure and make the area safer for vehicles and pedestrian traffic. The use of riprap also minimizes the erosive qualities of waves on the shoreline or water on the outer bank of a river bend. It can also protect bridge structures near waterways.

Where is Riprap Gravel Used?

Riprap is used where a structure or shoreline is continuously exposed to rushing water. Here are some examples of where riprap gravel is used:

  • Near bridges along embankments and adjacent to supports in waterways.
  • Used along a lake shoreline to limit erosion associated with wave action.
  • Along the outer bank of a river bend, which dissipates the force of the water against the bank.

Erosion can compromise bridges, wash out adjacent roadways, or causes loss of property. However, preventing erosion can help to keep the public safe and riprap gravel is a major factor for this area. On the surface, the use of riprap gravel can seem easy to use, but it requires a lot of evaluation from professional engineers. Oftentimes cost is an issue, since it is hard to locate and transport. But with Atlas Roll-Off, we can deliver affordable riprap to those throughout the greater NYC area, including Brooklyn and Queens.

Uses for Riprap Aggregate

There are many common practical uses for riprap gravel aggregate. Here is a rundown of some of the more common uses for riprap gravel aggregate.

Erosion Control

Erosion control is the number one use for riprap gravel aggregate. With erosion control comes slope stability and runoff protection along shorelines and other slopes. The size of the rocks used for this purpose varies based on the steepness of the hill and the speed of the waterflow. When protecting against erosion, the riprap blends in with the scenery for a solution that will not take away from the natural appearance of the area.

When using riprap for erosion control, the riprap is placed on the steep slopes, shorelines, bridge foundations and anywhere else that may have flowing water. It is commonly used by homeowners too who will use it to create a flow barrier for situations where water might damage their property.

Pedestrian Safety

Since riprap is a crushed stone, it is naturally jagged and difficult to walk on. When placing the riprap stone along the shoreline, these qualities are a signal for pedestrians to stay away from the edge of the water. And a barrier protecting people from bodies of water.


Many people use riprap gravel aggregate as a base for gravel parking lots and driveways. A simple alternative to asphalt and helps with the draining of water after rainstorms.

Landscaping & Agriculture

Riprap stone is commonly used in landscaping and agricultural projects, which is usually on the side of a hill or embankment. They work as a retaining wall for soil and can even be used as a yard decoration. The riprap gravel can also be used by shrubbery as an accent in landscaping.

Gabion Baskets

A gabion basket is commonly made of galvanized wire and gets filled with riprap. These baskets are placed along the shoreline and can even have vegetation planted inside. This is a common anti-erosion technique that is very useful for steep slopes and narrow banks.


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