How A Recycling Facility Works

Our Brooklyn recycling facility is the place to drop off many of the items you wish to recycle. We are proud to offer many in the tri-state New York area with a place to bring their garbage to dispose of it. Either by means of the aforementioned recycling, or by simply our garbage dump.

But did you know how a recycling facility works? Well, here is an inside look at some of the elements that make up our dump. For more information about our services, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have about our Brooklyn recycling facility and its benefits. The number for our office is 718-345-6451. When you call, we can provide you with more details about how our facility operates and what you can bring down and when. So please, do not hesitate to come down to our disposal center to utilize our services.

Our Brooklyn Recycling Facility Collection

When it comes to the recycling of any facility, there is a difference in operation. Every state and even county may have different recycling laws. So it is best to stay up to date on those laws in order to make collection easier. While it is great to recycle everything, there are circumstances that may lead to those materials unable to be processed. So please be aware that not everything can be recycled.

For example, very greasy pizza boxes cannot be recycled. The grease is not able to be processed and recycled. So just do everyone a favor and throw it out. Or you can just recycle the side of the box that does not have grease. Single-use paper cups are also something that should not be recycled. Most are lined with a film of polyethylene. So you may think you are doing a good thing by recycling. However you are causing more harm than good by recycling it. Also, plastic bags are another item that we find in recycling bins. No.

The Sorting of Recyclables

Now we are at the recycling center where the bins are poured onto large machines. With the help of our workers, we sort the contents. This is done by time, like newspapers, plastics, cans, and so on. And many facilities attempt to sort clean versus soiled. When it comes to the cleanliness of a recycled item, we always like to say “the cleaner the better!” This is because manufacturers will pay more for cleaner containers. But again, be sure to stay up to date with New York State’s recycling guidelines for better answers.

The Purchasing of Recycled Goods

Now we get to the business side of it all. The buying of recycled goods! Recyclables are actually a commodity. So manufacturers buy the materials and take them to break them down into raw materials. This is so they can make new materials from these goods. For the most part, the plastics labeled with a 1, 2, 4, or 5 offer the highest yield.

In many respects, consumers have played a large role in this process. That is down to the increase in awareness surrounding recycling. Due to this rise, the value for recycled goods has increased. And for many recycling facilities, the buying of these goods keeps the center running. So it is a win win for everyone involved!

New Technologies on the Forefront!

The future is bright for recycling and new technologies are continually making this process easier. And expanding on what can be recycled. However, the best thing consumers can do is to aim to throw away as little as possible. This way less ends up in landfills. You can start living a lifestyle where you use less waste and implement new habits, like using your own reusable containers for meals at work. Or clean all of the recycling materials so they can be properly reused. And take the time to read up on any recycling guidelines.

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