Brooklyn Recycling Facility

Atlas Roll-Off has a recycling facility in Brooklyn that is used to dispose of many different items and materials. Our dump is located right in Brooklyn, which makes us a great place for many clients throughout the New York City area. We are open Monday-Friday, 6:30 am to 4 pm and on Saturday from 6:30 am to 1 pm. We are closed on Sundays. Please come down during our available hours. If you have any questions about how our recycling facility works, please call 718-345-6451. Someone in our office can provide you with the proper details. So please, do not hesitate to reach out!

Recycling FacilityWhat Our Recycling Facility Can Recycle

Many different materials and items can be brought down to our recycling facility and be properly disposed of. Recycling is important. And it is vital to the sustainability of our planet. So do your part and recycle when you can! Here is a list of some of the more popular acceptable items that we take in: 

  • Construction Debris
  • Demolition Debris Dump
  • General Household Trash
  • Roofing Materials
  • Furniture and Appliances
  • Wood, Lumber and Siding
  • Windows
  • Concrete, Brick and Dirt
  • Interior Renovation Debris

Please note that this above list is not all-inclusive. We do not accept any hazardous materials of any kind, as well as any ammunition. Please check what you are bringing to make sure we accept them. We offer safe and secure disposal methods that are environmentally friendly. Our transfer station facility provides easy access to all vehicles, including your van, pick-up truck, cargo box truck or dump truck.

The Importance Of Recycling

It is important to recycle materials. Recycling has a positive impact on the world we live in. Not only is it important to us, but the natural environment as well. The amount of waste we create is increasing on a daily basis, which only increases the importance of properly recycling and reducing waste. So you can do your part and bring down any recyclable materials to our Brooklyn facility.

Waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. So it is very important to recycle. Rubbish from landfill sites releases harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases into the air. Bringing these items to a recycling facility is the best way to reduce the pollution caused by waste. Creating new products from raw materials exerts a huge amount of energy. Recycling requires a lot less energy. Therefore, it helps to preserve natural resources. Learn more about how a recycling facility works, from the sorting of recyclables and the purchasing of recycled goods.

#1 Recycling Facility in Brooklyn

Atlas Roll-Off's recycling facility in Brooklyn has been in operation for years. We have the ability to dispose of numerous items and materials. Learn more about the benefits of our center. And why recycling is important in general.

Contact Atlas

For more information about how to utilize our disposal facility, please reach out to us today. We will happily answer any questions you may have regarding our various services. The number to call to speak to someone in our office is 718-345-6451. When you call, we can go over the materials that we dispose of and give you the advice you need. So please, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have.

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