Construction Gravel Uses

There are many great uses for construction gravel. And when you buy from Atlas Roll-Off, you will be getting this construction gravel at low, affordable prices. There are many projects that utilize this material and it makes for a cost-effective aspect for many tasks. So whether you are working on roadways or driveways, or improving some landscaping around your home, this gravel is right for you! Here are some of the most popular uses for gravel.

Proper Drainage

When you use construction gravel, it allows for effective drainage. It is still solid enough to walk on, but has space for excess moisture and allows for easy draining of water. Many professional construction projects use it for drainage areas for roadways. But this material is also great to use for projects around the house too!

Roads & Driveways

Paved roads will use gravel and aggregate as a foundation for the asphalt that is to be used later. It works great for this sort of construction, since it is solid enough as a foundation for the asphalt, while still helping the road breath. Also, you can use this gravel for home driveways. Either as a foundation, or simply using the gravel as your driveway. It is a cost-effective move that still looks great!


Home and commercial landscaping projects also utilize construction gravel, since it provides for an affordable solution with many benefits. When you use mulch, grass and weeds can still grow. However, gravel limits that, so it is easy to maintain the areas you use it in.


Many areas use a gravel mix to create a nice walkway. This can be in your backyard or front yard or at a commercial setting. A gravel walkway is an affordable and easy to maintain option when compared to concrete or asphalt.

Water Treatment

And you may not know this, but commercial water treatment facilities use gravel and stone aggregates as part of the filtration process. And some home treatment options also use this, too. Which only adds to the flexibility of the material and a great material to use around your home landscaping and water system.

Learn More About Construction Gravel Uses

Atlas Roll-Off has years of experience selling gravel for use throughout the Brooklyn and greater NYC area. It provides its user with many great benefits and has more uses than you know. To learn more about this gravel, please contact us today. We can discuss with you the various uses for the construction gravel we sell. The number for our office is 718-345-6451. When you call, we can discuss what it is you need for the material and how much you need to complete it. Once we have an understanding on how much you need, we can provide you with a quote.

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