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We Deliver Backfill for Construction Projects Across New York City

Atlas Roll-Off supplies and delivers backfill for construction projects across Long Island, Brooklyn and the greater New York City area. We are proud to work with construction companies and businesses in the area and provide them with backfill to complete any sort of project that requires it. The backfill we supply is screened materials from the concrete crushing process that gets mixed with dirt. It all comes from a NYS DEC approved facility and is lab tested. This ensures the best product possible for use on your construction project. Get a quote today regarding our backfill delivery services.

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Backfill can be screened material from the concrete crushing process mixed with dirt. This all comes from a NYS DEC approved facility. It is lab tested. There are only a couple of places in NYC that we get it from. Perfect for both residential and commercial construction projects.

For more information about our backfill supply and delivery to companies throughout the greater New York City area, please fill out a contact form. Not only do we supply backfill, but we also deliver many other types of construction materials, such as construction gravel and crushed stone aggregate. Check out the full list of materials we supply and deliver to customers throughout the greater New York City area.

What is Backfill?

Backfilling is the general process of reusing or replacing the soil that is removed during the excavation of foundations, ground bearing slabs or other types of groundwork in order to support and strengthen a structure. Backfill also protects foundations and forms part of the substructures of slabs, roadways, walkways and other common groundwork elements. This material is similar to another material we supply, which is utility pipe sand. Perfect for various construction projects, as well as landscaping elements.

But what makes up backfill? Well, the backfill we deliver can be made up of the same soil that was removed during excavation. Or it is a simple mix of imported soil, rocks and stones. All of this depends on the structural requirements for the backfill. When you place an order for backfill delivery with us, we will discuss exactly what is best to use in this instance. Our years of experience comes in handy with this sort of job, because we can recommend a variety of materials to use for certain projects that will yield the best results. When it comes to backfill for the NYC area, it is generally the same sort of materials. We will work with you to make sure you understand exactly what it is you are getting.

General Backfilling Information

In general, the backfill material should have three traits:

  • Be homogeneous.
  • Consistent with required characteristics.
  • Free of organic matter and pockets.

We can discuss the various backfill materials we have available, so you are getting the right one for the job. With our years of experience, we can help find the backfill solution you need and deliver it to you.

When it comes to the actual act of backfilling, it is done in layers after the excavated areas are compacted and cleared of any debris.

Excavated Material For Backfill

During the excavation process, the excavated soil is set aside for later use. Once the foundation or other concrete works are complete, then the previously set aside soil is used to backfill the foundation or other structural areas. Any excess soil might be taken away from the site, though, or set aside for use in other parts of the project to use at a later stage. So having too much is not the end of the world. When the excavated material is set aside, be sure to cover it to protect it from the elements. Any excavated material needs to be stockpiled according to class of material type for best use. On top of that, the site parameters, soil type and design will dictate whether backfill with excavated materials is possible.

Grading Backfill

When it comes to backfill, you can grade it differently. As previously mentioned, all of the backfill we supply to the greater NYC area is lab tested and comes from a NYS DEC approved facility. Though we do not supply all these types of backfill at our facility, we thought it would be helpful to share the types of grades backfill can receive. When it comes to the types of backfill available in New York, you will not find much different than what we offer since there are only a few places to get the material from in the first place, which limits both yours and our options. But it can still be useful to know what sort of grading occurs with backfill in general. Could come in handy in the future!

Coarse Grained Soils

Gravelly and sandy soils ranging from clay to gravel.

Fine Grained Soils

You can get fine grained soils of low to medium plasticity, as well as inorganic clays of low to medium plasticity, inorganic silts, and very fine sands of low plasticity.


Rock can be suitable depending on hardness and gradation. Hard rock might be specified for crushing. At Atlas Roll-Off, we can deliver crushed stone to your site.


Shale is a rock like material that breaks down under compaction.

Marginal Materials

Some marginal materials include fine-grained soils of high plasticity and expansive clays.

Commercial By-Products

Commercial by-products include furnace slag or fly ash.

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