Topsoil Delivery

Atlas Roll-Off offers various types of crushed stone for construction and landscaping projects, which includes the delivery of topsoil to customers throughout the greater NYC area. This service area includes Long Island, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and even Westchester. We are one of New York's most trusted suppliers of crushed stone and topsoil. Get the topsoil you need for your project delivered right to you in a timely manner at an affordable price.

What Is Topsoil?

topsoilWhen we say topsoil, we mean the top layer of soil in a garden, yard, or field. Many homeowners, business owners, and contractors require topsoil for their property and our delivery services gets you what you need. Topsoil is the most productive and important section of most soils, since it provides an added layer of nutrients to keep the yard looking good.

For the most part, the topsoil layer is where the nutrients get delivered to the plants and it is where the water is absorbed. Also, the topsoil is the area where the sunlight helps to aid in the growing process of the yard and lawn. And it is where the wildlife and microorganisms interact with the plants and lawn in different ways. Allowing for a healthy and natural growth. There are various types of topsoil that exist, which includes materials like peat, clay and silt

What is Topsoil Used for?

Topsoil can be an affordable way to improve your lawn or garden bed. There are different types of topsoil out there, so be sure you select the one best suited for your project. When you choose the good topsoil, it contains great nutrients for your plants and grass to survive. And it can help protect plants and seedlings in the early stages and even correct soil issues like improper pH levels if the topsoil contains certain ingredients, like limestone).

When there are nutrients in the topsoil it is often referred to as blended topsoil and tends to be more like a garden soil. Certain blended topsoil can help to improve soil drainage and thus keep the lawn healthier over a period of time. If you use a sandy-blend topsoil with organic matter mixed into the native soil, it also helps with the draining and allows the water to penetrate deeper into the soil. By doing so, there is stronger root development.


You can use topsoil and blended topsoil for various in-ground applications. These applications include:

  • New projects and groundbreaking, such as for new lawns, new garden beds or replacing a previously paved area.
  • If an area was affected by soil erosion.
  • As top-dressing damaged areas of lawns.
  • Fill in bare spots, low spots, or heavily trafficked areas that are beaten down.

When applying topsoil, you typically lay it several inches deep. So depending on the square area, you may need a lot. Too little and it is too thin to work properly. Our topsoil delivery will promptly bring back exactly what you need.

Affordable Topsoil Delivery for NYC Area

Atlas Roll-Off has years of experience working with businesses and contractors in the greater New York City area and provides customers with affordable topsoil to use for various construction or landscaping projects. Other materials we offer for delivery are gravel, sand and recycled concrete stone.

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So please, reach out to us today for more information about the topsoil delivery services we provide. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our delivery services in general and the price breakdown for what your need. The number for our office is 718-345-6451. When you call, we can further discuss all of the details regarding our topsoil delivery. We the the #1 source for crushed stone for contractors and landscapers in the NYC area.

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