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Atlas Roll-Off offers different types of crushed stone for customers throughout the greater New York area. Among our selection of crusted stone is 1/4 crushed stone. Crushed stone aggregate is a very versatile material and can be used for a variety of construction purposes and tasks. The uses of 1/4 crushed stone aggregate vary depending on the task at hand. It can be used as a base material for pavers and bricks, which is one of the more notable reasons. It can also be used to address worn down areas for walking and driving.

1/4 Crushed StoneWhat Is 1/4 Crushed Stone?

Crushed stone is simply a combination of construction materials. Many different types of construction and landscaping projects utilize this stone. The stone size and mix vary depending on its use. 1/4" crushed stone is a little bigger and it popularly used as a base material. Before placing an order, please be sure to know the task at hand. That way the most appropriately sized stone can be used.

Different types of rocks can be used to create a new crushed stone mix, like limestone and granite. The properties of the stones mixed can be done to serve different purposes. There are also various grades of crushed stone that help to determine exactly what is in the mix and how the stone is appropriately applied. In the industry, different numbers are assigned to the stone that correlates with the size ranges of the stones. And each application has a recommended number for crushed stone, so know why you are using it! It can be greatly beneficial all around.

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Atlas Roll-Off has years of experience in the field and provides affordable 1/4 crushed stone aggregate. But we also sell and deliver all types of crushed stone.

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