Demolition Debris Dump

Your Brooklyn Demolition Debris Dump

Atlas Roll-Off's disposal facility in Brooklyn is a great place for contractors and construction workers to come to and dispose of any demolition debris they may have. A lot of waste can build up during a construction project, especially if parts of a home or building need to be demolished in order to put up a new structure. That is why it is imperative to have a place to bring that debris down to. Our Brooklyn location has been helping New Yorkers dispose of their unwanted waste for years.

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If you are in need of our Brooklyn demolition debris dump, please call us today at 718-345-6451. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about returning your debris.

What Is Demolition Waste?

In short, demolition waste, or demolition debris, is simply waste debris from the destruction of buildings, roads, bridges or any other structures that can be brought down to a local dump. This debris will vary in its composition, but some of the regular components that make up this type of debris are: 

  • Concrete
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Brick and Clay Tile
  • Wood Products
  • Steel
  • Drywall

These are the more popular elements of demolition debris people bring to disposal facilities around the country. Many of these materials can and should be recycled. Properly discarding of these materials is important, which is why a demolition debris dump like ours is needed. You can check out a more complete list of services and items of our disposal facility. So you can be prepared and bring down the items that we properly dispose of.

Disposal Process

It is important to check for contamination from lead, asbestos and a few other different hazardous materials before extracting debris from demolition sites. Separately dispose of any hazardous materials. This is a federal regulation. Due to the safety conditions, they cannot be mixed in the process. Debris can and should be sorted for recycling purposes. This sorting can occur here at our demolition debris dump, or done right on site.

How Demolition Debris Is Recycled

As previously mentioned, many types of debris can be recycled and reused. Concrete and brick are crushed into rubble upon being brought in for recycling. Once it is crushed and sorted, the rubble is screened and any contaminants are removed. Any remaining concrete and brick can then be used in concrete aggregate, fill, road base, riprap or a few other useful reasons.

Then we come to wood, which has a lot of options. It can be reused and replace the need for new lumber in construction projects. It can be re-purposed or recycled and used in projects such as coverings, mulches, pathways, composts and a variety of other reasons. Recycled wood can also be used as a bio-energy for feed-stock. Wood is a great material to be recycled.

Drywall is made mostly of a material called gypsum and can be de-papered and used in a few different processes, such as cement production, as a soil amendment, or simply recycled into new drywall. Having it recycled is great for the environment, because if placed in a landfill, it will release a toxic gas called hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere. Asphalt can be recycled and used in paving projects and scrap metal is almost its own industry.

Call For More Information

Atlas Roll-Off has years of experience providing clients across the NYC area with a wide variety of services, including having a green disposal facility for demolition debris. If you have any debris that you would like to bring down and recycled or simply dispose of, please reach out to us today. We will provide you with all the information necessary about our demolition debris dump. The number to dial to speak to a customer service representative is 718-345-6451. We will happily answer any question you may have regarding the services of our Brooklyn debris dump.

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